PNW Arms One Way Luminescence Tracer Ammunition

PNW Arms One Way Luminescence Tracer Ammunition

Tracers provide a wealth of information to the shooter. They allow the shooter to see the current bullet trajectory, providing instant visual feedback to allow for corrections to target. With modern tracers there are also inherent drawbacks such as: burning phosphorous which can set things on fire, not the best thing for barrels, gives away your position, and can only be on certain rounds since they affect terminal and exterior ballistics.

One Way Luminescence (OWL) solves these problems with a non-exothermic substance that is applied the base of every bullet allowing instant visual feedback on a per round basis in low to no light conditions. This allows a shooter to walk in their rounds to the target and hit previously unheard of ranges with conventional munitions. Moreover, only the shooter or those on the firing line is able to see the tracer due to its application process. This round can greatly enhance the shooting ability of new shooters by allowing them to focus on round placement and feel versus learning more advanced sighting techniques. For professionals, this can greatly enhance CQB effectiveness and other tactics.

OWL Benefits:

  • Only visible from the shooter’s perspective
  • No effects on Exterior Ballistics
  • No effects on Terminal Ballistics
  • No effects on barrel
  • Non-exothermic (it does not generate heat)
  • Bio-safe material
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • Only use in low-light to no-light conditions
  • Works great with NVGs
  • Greatly increases range and accuracy
  • Visually assess shooting performance with instant feedback from common shooting mistakes
  • Every round in your magazine has One Way Luminescence now

See attached Data Sheet for more information.