About Us


NIOA is Australia's largest supplier of firearms, ammunition, optics and related accessories. The new NIOA facility provides a specialised range of services and products to service the various commercial, law enforcement and military agencies across the country.  This privately owned facility is unique in Australia, and has Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) accreditation.

NB:  NIOA is a secure facility and is not open to the general public.

Our expansive showrooms are easily the largest showrooms in the country dedicated solely to the display of firearms and their related accessories. These well-appointed showrooms display every product we sell which allows staff and dealers to get hands on experience and increase their knowledge of our products.

Firearm Showroom
This luxurious 100m2 showroom has the relaxed atmosphere of an old-world gun-room and houses one example of every model firearm we sell. Even though it is a high security room, the classic timberwork, lavish furnishings and plush carpet makes it a magnificent setting to look over NIOA’s extensive range of firearms.

Accessories Showroom
With over 330m2 of accessories on display, our world class accessory showroom is a treasure trove of brands and products from the very best manufactures in the world. Divided into different zones for ammunition, optics, knives, reloading and general accessories, it’s easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. It also showcases the latest shop fitting and design techniques and provides innovative product display ideas for dealers.

govtsalesshowroomGovernment Sales Showroom
Enclosed in its own separate glass room, the goverment sales showroom exhibits our cutting edge law enforcement and military ammunition, optics and accessories. NIOA is committed to providing the very best products to all our LE&M agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Secure Warehousing
Our DISP accredited warehousing is state of the art and will help us move forward in providing better capabilities in the delivery of products to our commercial, law enforcement and military customers. NIOA’s massive 5000m2 bulk dangerous goods warehouse is specifically designed for efficient throughput of goods, and from the moment they are received they are tracked in and out of the warehouse using advanced wireless systems that eliminate errors and maximise speed. This means our customers receive their orders in the shortest possible turn-around time.

  • Loading Docks
    Dedicated loading docks for goods receiving and despatch expedites goods in and out of the system and stops trucks queuing.
  • All Weather Access
    The large fully covered hardstand at the receiving dock allows multiple trucks to be unloaded at once, and enables the unpacking of multiple containers in all weather conditions. A large covered area at dispatch also allows outward bound goods to be loaded without interruption from bad weather.


  • Multi-Level Mezzanine
    A massive four story racking system with electronic conveyer provides high density storage while maximising access for picking and packing of orders.


  • Firearm Bunkers
    Equally large are our high security firearms bunkers with stainless steel vault doors weighing in at 6.8 tonnes each. These provide maximum security storage for firearms and controlled items.
  • Barcode Tracking
    Our high-tech wireless barcode system tracks all goods throughout the entire system to ensure orders are accurately and swiftly despatched.
  • High-Tech Lift Trucks
    The warehouse is equipped with the latest technology lift trucks, fitted with electronic guidance systems and high-lift capacity, allowing access to pallets up to 10 metres high in our bulk storage area.
  • Building Design
    Incorporated into the design of the warehouse are many elements to improve worker comfort. These include fully insulated roofing, large wall vents and a network of large ceiling mounted industrial fans to maximise airflow in the hotter months.


Firing Range
NIOA’s state-of-the-art 100 metre indoor firing range enables us to extensively test commercial firearms, law enforcement and military weapons (up to 40mm cannon) and commercial and military ammunition in perfectly controlled conditions. The ability to conduct firearms, weapons and ammunition testing independent of weather, means quicker turn-around times for our customers, and sets a new industry standard for warranty and testing services in Australia.

The range is capable of supporting defence requirements for safety and suitability for service (S3) testing and introduction into service activities (IIS) for weapons and ammunition.

  • Butt Stop
    The heavily engineered butt stop system is designed dissipate impacts from the smallest of commercial firearms up to 40mm cannon.
  • Ventilation System
    Fresh air is forced in and diffused at the firing line and then flows towards the butt stop where it is filtered and extracted, providing a safe, lead-free and non-toxic environment for range personnel.
  • Sound Moderation
    Ceiling and walls are lined with 1400m2 of acoustic absorption material making it one of the quietest indoor ranges in the country.
  • Target Retrieval System
    A four lane 100 metre fully automated target system with wireless control enables training scenarios to be run for up to 4 shooters at a time and makes target retrieval quick and easy.
  • Chronograph System
    Our high-tech Oehler chronograph system captures all relevant shot data such as velocity, ballistic coefficient, time of flight etc. and registers shot grouping on an electronically simulated target. This produces a complete test report containing ballistic data for the ammunition being fired and includes hard copy target printout.
Armoury Workshop

NIOA’s extensive new workshop facility services our commercial, law enforcement and military customers, and houses our warranty service division and Leupold optics laboratory. Significant resources have been allocated to this important area to ensure NIOA’s level of service support is second to none. The new workshop facilities combined with our dedicated team of armourers ensures firearm repairs are professionally carried out according to factory/military specifications, and with a minimum of downtime for the customer. Our range of services include:
  • Heavy Grade Law Enforcement and Military Repair Work
  • General Gunsmithing
  • Phosphating
  • Bluing
  • Cerakoting
  • Spray Painting
  • Sand Blasting
  • Laser Engraving
  • Deep Etch Engraving
  • Military Weapon Customisation
  • Commercial Firearm Customisation
Leupold Custom Shop

Our Leupold Custom Shop and Repair Facility offers many in-house services that were previously only available in the USA. Custom work and scope repairs are now performed in our dedicated optics lab by our Leupold trained and certified technicians, dramatically reducing turn-around times from several months, into several days.
  • Leupold Certified Technicians
    NIOA currently has three certified Leupold service technicians who have undergone intensive training at the Leupold factory in Beaverton, Oregon in the USA. This means our customers can be confident their optics are being repaired to the very highest standards, equal to those from the Leupold factory itself.
  • Repair Services
    Leupold offers the best warranty in the business and that warranty service can now be performed in our Brisbane facility providing lightning fast turn-around times.
  • Custom Services
    Australian customers can now enjoy a range of custom options with quick turn-around times, including personalised engraving, reticle changes, parallax adjustment and custom ballistic dial systems to name a few.
  • Custom Shop Website
    These services can be easily accessed via our new Leupold Custom Shop Website at www.leupold.com.au.This user friendly interface makes ordering any repair or custom shop service quick and easy.

NIOA’s fully featured auditorium comfortably seats up to 200 people and provides the perfect setting for special events, product launches and training seminars. The expansive stage area, twin projection screens, and the latest multimedia technologies ensure presentations are delivered to the highest standards.
  • Stage and Lighting
    Our multi-position modular stage allows flexible auditorium layouts for large scale presentations or more intimate specialist training seminars. Digitally controlled stage lighting and twin projector screens provide easy viewing of presentation material from any seating position.
  • Audio Visual
    The auditorium is equipped with latest audio visual capabilities, incorporating high definition multi-camera switching and video recording capabilities. It also offers multiple microphone options including wireless handheld and headset mics, providing maximum flexibility for any style of presentation.
NIOA’s production department handles all our graphic design, print management, photography, video production, web development as well as specialised services such as signage and displays for trade shows.  Apart from NIOA TV, NIOA also creates training videos as well as in-service manuals for our law enforcement and military customers.