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Licences and Accreditations

NIOA carries a wide range of accreditations and licences to cover our scope of business. The Australian business domain for weapons and ammunition is much more highly regulated than the US domain, and so licences are significantly more difficult to obtain. The relevant issuing agencies also maintain a strict auditing regime to ensure compliance by all licensees. As a result of these higher levels of compliance, the number of highly accredited companies is very limited. This provides NIOA with increased market access and credibility within the business domain.

Some of the licences and accreditations held by NIOA include:

• US Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) registration

• Membership of the Defence Industry Security Program, including:
    - Approved secure warehouse
    - Defence security clearance of selected personnel
    - Processes and procedures for the control of physical and personnel security
    - Defence certified Facility Security Officer
    - A secure secret level office facility

• An accredited ISO9001:2008 Quality Assurance system, including process and procedures for:
    - General administration
    - Compliance with the standard
    - Customer service
    - Health, safety and environment
    - Maintenance
    - Management planning and goal setting
    - Personnel induction and management
    - Problems and process improvement
    - Purchasing
    - Warehousing
    - Sales and marketing

All necessary licenses and permits to allow the dealing of ammunition, firearms and explosives, including:

• Queensland Weapons Act licences:
    - Dealer’s License #50000336-06
    - Armourer’s License #51000158-05

• QLD Department of Mines and Energy licences:
    - Security clearance
    - License to Store Explosives #0408996
    - License to Sell Explosives #0400404
    - License to Import Explosives #0400394
    - License to Export Explosives #0410340
    - License to Transport Explosives #0600456

• NSW Government Licenses
    - Explosives - Unsupervised Handling License #01-106107-001
    - Explosives - License to Import #11-100052

• South Australia Licence to import

• Approval to store bulk explosives including 1.1 at the Qld Government Helidon explosives site