Orbital ATK Precision Guidance Kit

Orbital ATK Precision Guidance Kit

Today’s battlefield is ever-changing in terms of terrain and engagement criteria. Reducing the risk of friendly and civilian casualties and collateral damage to infrastructure is critical. This combination of constraints coupled with the performance of conventional artillery munitions has often limited the commander’s options and, sometimes, has taken artillery out of the fight.

To remain relevant, artillery must be accurate, responsive and flexible. The Precision Guidance Kit provides the necessary precision and flexibility and at a price that permits its use in tactically significant quantities, as well as for training.

Orbital ATK was awarded one of two technology demonstration contracts from the U.S. Army in 2006 to develop the PGK for the 155 mm Howitzer artillery system. The kit will make the stockpile of existing artillery ammunition significantly more effective by adding GPS guidance and navigation capability in a package that fits into the fuze well of an existing 155 mm projectile.

PGK provides maneuver forces with an organic, precision capability that is highly responsive and available around the clock and in all weather conditions. With a circular error probable of less than 50 meters, PGK fills an effectiveness gap between conventional artillery and smart munitions. This highly reliable kit installs in the projectile fuze well and also provides traditional fuze functions for height-of-burst and point detonation.

Orbital ATK’s PGK solution, featuring a highly effective fixed-canard guidance approach, gun-hardened electronics, self-generated power, and a minimum number of moving parts, not only meets but exceeds program requirements for accuracy, effectiveness, range and cost. 


  • Soldiers from field artillery units set PGK using the Enhanced Portable Inductive Artillery Fuse Setter.
  • Once the fuse is set, the shell is loaded in the same fashion standard 155 mm rounds are loaded.
  • Once fired, the fuse uses accurate GPS position data from satellites to adjust the round’s canards and steer the round to the target.


  • Dramatic Increase in Accuracy - More Targets Engaged with Less Collateral Damage
  • Mission Cost Savings - 75% Reduction in HE Rounds for Same Effect
  • Logistical Cost Savings - Less Tons of Munitions Needed to Achieve Target Effect
  • Improved Efficiency of Supply Chain - Longer Times Between Re-Supply