Revision Batlskin Viper Helmet

Revision Batlskin Viper Helmet

The World’s Most Advanced Combat Helmet

The ultimate protection from trauma - blunt force, blast and ballistic. In a scalable, lightweight package that's fully modular and fully integrated. So you can tailor the system to the mission for peak performance. Available in high-performance composite materials or traditional aramid fibers, ensuring the ultimate protection regardless of budget or specific requirements. Revision's head systems up-armor and down-armor in a flash. Letting the warfighter strike the perfect balance between enhanced protection and lethality.

Helmets are available in a full range of cuts (full, mid and high), sizes (small to x-large) and colors (black, foliage green, olive green and tan 499). They come standard with one NVG hole and the Modular Suspension System.

See attached Data Sheets for more information.