General Dynamics MK47 Automatic Lightweight Grenade Launcher

General Dynamics MK47 Automatic Lightweight Grenade Launcher

The Light Weight Automatic Grenade Launcher (LWAGL) system represents the first major advancement in crew-served weapon systems since the end of World-War II. 

Integrating the latest sensing, targeting and ballistic computing technology, the LWAGL is a reliable, highly portable 40mm grenade weapon system suited for mobile, tactical combat soldier units. The LWAGL system consists of the MK47 MOD0 40mm Advanced Lightweight Grenade Launcher, LVSII Lightweight Video Sight and MK108 Lightweight Tripod.

Capable of firing all standard NATO 40mm ammunition, and with fully-qualified air burst ammunition capability, the MK47 MOD0 delivers devastating firepower against soft and lightly armoured targets, with unprecedented accuracy provided by the LVSII.

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MK47 Lightweight Automatic Grenade Launcher
Calibre:  40mm x 53mm Belt Fed
Rate of Fire:  225 – 300 rpm
Max Effective Range:  2,000m
Total System Weight:  40.3 kgs (Gun only 17.5 kgs)

LVSII Lightweight Video Sight

Colour Video Display
Full colour, high resolution (1024x768), LCD display with graphic user interface overlays

Ballistics Processor
High Performance computer processor module which calculates the corrected aim point

Day Optics
Full colour, high resolution CMOS day camera (3X standard magnification and 6X electronic zoom). 5deg horizontal and 4 deg vertical field of view.

Night Optics
Latest Generation 17µm, 640x512, 30 Hz thermal imager (3X magnification). 5deg horizontal and 4 deg vertical field of view.

Laser Range Finder
Accuracy to 2,590 metres, ANSI Z136.1 Class 1M (1550nm wave length). 10m to 5,000m measuring range, with +/- 1m accuracy assured to 2,590m.

Single BB-2590 or BA-5590 internal or external 28 VDC

MK108 Light Weight Tripod

To provide a lightweight, foldable, ground mount for the MK47 LWAGL, MK19 AGL and/or M2/M2A1 .50Cal.

Dimensions (Operating Position)
Height (max):  0.47m
Height (min):  0.19m
Length:  1.22m
Width:  1.05m

Dimensions (Transport Position)
Height:  0.13m
Length:  0.65m
Width:  0.20m
Weight:  6.7kg
Identification Part Number:  406172
NSN: 1010-01-514-7939